Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Too skinny/fat... bore off..

So my second post, I was planning on keeping my ranting ones back for a bit, let you all think I was easy-going and dead nice… however, bee in my bonnet …

To point out two things, I’m definitely not the women’s libber type, no way will I be burning my bra, in fact my view on the sexes is likely dated back at times to the 1950s.  If I were to go on a date (unlikely I’m an old married), but if I were asked to pay half… I’d be fuming!  So that cleared up.

Also, I don’t majorly know (or care) a lot about Angelina Jolie, only that last year she underwent an elective double mastectomy, the way in which she handled the subsequent media, with such dignity, information and humility was impressive.  Surely she can only be applauded?  Also, she adopts like loads of kids and is married to someone gorgeous.

I glimpsed this on my FB today! 

So grrr.. why as women do we judge each other in such a way (and it is women who do it).  Angelina on this pic, is looking very skinny, the strapline says, she’s down to 6 and half stone!  Why is that relevant?  All over the world women and girls will be comparing themselves to this 6 and half stone frame.  My guess is that she’s dropped weight owing to stress and possibly recovery from major surgery (this is my musing… I don’t know!).   

I lost a few pounds last year, I was trying a bit but mostly it was due to stress I was going through.  For all my moaning, I’ve never been really big, after pregnancy, I probably went up to a size 14, then slimmed down naturally to my usual, tallish size 12.  At first I got a few comments “you look great “, “what’s your secret”.  I admit, I did enjoy this and I felt better, exercise is easier when I’m lighter, I felt less bloated, I did have a skip in my step.  But after a bit (and I wasn’t like skeletal), the comments got a bit sneery “Emma-Lou you need to eat some cakes”, one particular “Your legs look skinny skinny, how are they keeping you up” (I like my pins so I took this as a low blow).    I just felt it was all a bit mean and judgy… 

[To report after my Christmas mince pie challenge, I’m back to my ‘could do with a pound or two coming off weight but I’m not that bothered until holiday season’.]  

The rest of thread featured a few negative comments “you look awful eat some pies”, “too skinny, bad images for girls to see”.   I just think… please as women lets be kinder to each other, let’s not have our weight be the focus on any attention given to us… surely we should on this pic be perving off Brad anyhow…

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Intro... dum dum dum...

So my actual first life post...

I'm Emma-Louise, hyphenated... (and I'm a tiny bit funny about it even if I say I'm not), 33 years of age, sometimes I get sore about being in my thirties, but mostly I wouldn't want to be younger (like hell I would... spots and uncertainty).  Hometown is Liverpool, lived in the rougher end, no place like home and all that... but I can't see myself ever moving back.  I do love Liverpool though and am very proud of my scouse accent, which after all these years away is becoming less and less (although strangers still detect my Liverpool roots, so it's there a bit, someone recently asked me if I was from Newcastle mind!). Visiting Liverpool is great, there's no place better on earth than Sevvie Park! 

These days we live in Chorlton, Manchester.  Those familiar with Manchester, please don't judge me for my M21 Chorlton postcode.  I'm not sustainable or that, I do try not to use carrier bags or leave lights on (but I do use my tumble dryer to excess and drive to the very local Morrisons).   And shock horror... I NEVER SHOP IN UNICORN!  

Two children... Our daughter Lizzy, aged 7 (nearly 8) is giddy as ever a girl could be, truly a lovely child and she NEVER stops talking! And, because of her loveliness we indulge her with our time and attention and are lax with the discipline... she really cannot take a telling off... Mostly though, she is a pleasure to knock around with. 

Our boy child, Willow, aged 3 is a monster!  My gorgeous son can do no wrong as he has the sweetest of hearts, and really is amazing.  I will admit he can be perhaps the tiniest bit cantankerous... but I guess he'd have to pick up some traits from Mikey, it can't all be sweetness and light.  

Husband - Michael, QS (not quite sure what this entails and after 10+ years of marriage it's clear I'm not that interested), City Fan, Wednesday-team cricketer, hero.  

Two cats, Jimmy - big white and fluffy, named Jimmy after Jimmy White (no reason except it gave us a laugh at the time).  Betty, a nervous wreck of a cat, skinny as anything and looks like she has mange (over grooms because of the nerves.... could be the children).

I work (steal a living) at the University as a PA (jumped up secretary), some days I work harder than others... not really sure so much about my career but it fits around the children and working in the public sector they don't throw a wobbler when the kids get chicken pox!

I like knitting (new to it, 4months and still no real length to my scarf).  Reading (just started the most amazing online book club... I'll come back to that), I try and gym two-three times a week (bloody hate it to be honest, but it gets me out the house and helps with stress), I like to run, I'm not quick but I can run a while, just started with Parkrun and hope to keep that up.  I love getting out with me pals, very collective bunch some with kids, some without, some academic types, some thick, some from old and I've made a lovely set at the school gates.  Like staying in cuddling and eating nice food, we're massive fans of the dine in M&S tenner meal.  Love shoes and dresses and handbags and make up and cocktail rings and all things dressing up and glam.  Alongside Michael, Morrissey is the love of my life (in fact I'd ditch Michael in a second if Mozzer gave me the glad eye).  

I spend too much time on Twitter (please follow me there) and FB, but hey ho, I was worried about this recently and a pal said it's the electronic age/the way forward, so with this advice I'm embracing the world of online communication and won't be ashamed of checking in my status every five minutes (I've been typing this a while... the FB community might think I've died).   I drink too much wine (for this I blame my friends), I can't just have one... (again I blame my friends) and do show off a bit when I'm pissed (again I blame my friends, they egg me on).   Port too, I love a port.

Not sure how often or in what thread I intend to blog... I'm sure it'll be pure genius and give you lots to chew over... could be ridiculous trivia (my FB recently was filled with actual woe as my Dyson had bust).

But I hope to keep at it.  

xx Emma-Lou