Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to School #Overwhelmed

Well first week back and as usual my September New Academic Year Resolution is to keep on top of the correspondence... 

Well I had a mare this morning, and I'm not drama-ing up for comic effect. Right so bearing in mind, I've to be at work at 9am, I have to drop off at morning club, and then head miles away to the not so local nanna's to drop off the lad (in good traffic it should be an hour round trip, in the many years of doing this trip... there's NEVER been a good morning for traffic).  

So the school correspondence was plentiful!  First a couple of signatures in the old link book, signing up for adhering to golden rules, thing is I couldn't find the page listing the golden rules, you've got to read the small print, I might be like signing up for keeping punctual (they'd have me there!), I flicked a bit couldn't find the right page so had to sign blind!  

Dinner money, a massive £85.50 for the term... our cheque book - (of course) missing, was certain to keep it in the dresser in the kitchen to avoid these morning time search-fests, found it in my bedside cabinet... (I know EIGHTY FIVE quid.....!). 

Another signature.... PTA film night, tricky... this required £3.50 in correct change... I nicked £2.50 from husbands suit jacket added a pound.  Dug out a tiny envelope, married up the permission slip. 

Clubs, we had to indicate what we'd like (the forms then to follow).... so we're interested in, gardening club, choir and 'the big comedy club'... now the 'the big comedy club' costs a tenner a time... so I'm discouraging, while Liz is bemoaning "but I really want to go" (she even tried "you promised last term"), thing is I already pay for after school club on the same day... I'm not made of money.  So trying to manage the girls expectations... and not finding gardening club listed..... 

All sorted YES, pleased with myself, I sweep paperwork up and the blinkin' coins fall out the envelope, on hands and knees, shouting at Liz "For goodness sake can you not fill up your own water bottle".  I cellotape the envelope down (a lot)!

To school, I wouldn't trust her to keep hold of the precious paperwork till she goes in, I direct her to 'Mrs Laguda's letterbox'... guess what she waves at me, she's missing the PTA envelope... she 'thinks' it's in the footwell of the car... 

Phew.. so I'm winning on this score, wave her off.

I get to Carrington Spur, then realise the son hasn't got a coat... FFS I can't drop off at MIL without a coat... she'd ring the social..... grrrr......

Hometime, we have two more forms... one for choir, the other for 'the drama shed'... this is new, this needs a cheque and another form.... arghhh..... look at them, loads of dates all over them, I'll have to mark them somewhere...

The scary thing is, I'll have two of them at school from next week... I need a PA, any takers, I can only pay in mint imperials... 

I reckon after the morning we had, we deserved our after school treat of sticky toffee pudding and pinot grigio. 

xx Emma-Lou


  1. Home admin is awful. Hate it. I have told Emily that now she is in Big School that she has to do her own stuff, as in check when she needs her PE kit and all that - I have told her in no uncertain terms that she must take responsibility for her own stuff. Not that this is going to work... :)

  2. I take your point Kerrie, but I'm not giving Lib access to our cheque book! There does seem a lot going on, honestly the letters this week one or two every day... I mean I know I need my school governors briefing... but jeez can't they text me! xx