Sunday, 23 November 2014

Did I ever mention I was on the telly.... BBC Breakfast Star...

Would it be wrong to put this in place of my wedding photo? 
If you know me, (unless you've been living under a stone), there's no way you can't know I WAS ON THE TELLY!  Not, like, any telly, I was on NATIONAL telly, BBC BREAKFAST telly! 

So how did it come about; of course it had to be a result of my ridiculous twitter. My A BBC producer was mooching round Twitter looking for a mum's experience of maternity care (to note I've nothing but praise for NHS maternity care despite my 'OMG the hospital's closed and I'm in labour').  

It happened on a normal day...
So, I got a phone call from her, we had a chat, I was on the top deck of a bus, the kids had been mithering for a go on a bus, I did say quite loudly to our Liz "Sorry kids, I'm just on the phone to the BBC".  I talked her through what happened to me, in a very talky, easy way.  She said great, can you come on the show tomorrow.   I agreed, no problem (thinking it was radio and I'd call in).  Then I realised that she said "Don't wear red it clashes with the sofa".  My second realisation come a moment after 'OMG I'm going to be on the telly and my colour needs doing'  SHOCK HORROR roots on the telly!  

So I hopped off bus, got chips for tea, headed home, en route telling ten or so people to look out for me on the telly!  It was a quick turnaround at home, as I had a PA "do" thing to attend.  It was a bit of a drinky social do at the PA event, so I quite quickly got tipsy (to help with the nerves you know...), and, well, I can only apologise to the room full of one hundred very professional PAs of Manchester; it's a good thing my job at Uni is pretty secure, as I'd never work in this town again! 

Coping with the nerves, hard living in the spot light, priory for me next!
The funny thing was, I told every single person in my breathing zone that I was due to be on the telly at 8:10, when in fact I was top of the bill (well that's how I see it) at 7:10.  Unfortunately, at 8:10 when I'm guessing a lot of my friends, family and very professional PAs tuned in, the item being discussed was obesity in the UK and the risk of having a big girth leading to diabetes (of course a very serious issue... but come on my girth's not that big, and if one person made a connection I'll be cross). 

Media City (very early in morning)
So 'my' driver arrived very early to have me taken to Media City.  It was all very smart, I was greeted at the studio by a very enthusiastic "media" person; it was great, I was rushed into make up, where I begged them to do ANYTHING to cover my roots (they must have had a wig handy surely?), the make up lady was great and said "Look Holly Willougby has serious roots a lot of the time, you look fine".  #Obv I took that as she likened me to Holly W and was made up.  They sat me in the green room, offered me coffee and brekkie, to which I declined (was ropey with nerves and hangover).  

Next I'm being wired up, I actually think that was the best bit!  A producer went through my story, and sort of said, you've a nice way of letting it tell itself, just repeat it as you told me.  

Dum dum dum, I'm in the studio, bolted on the sofa, I was there five mins (not on camera), as they went to weather and read news items, I just got more and more nervous!  But I had an epiphany.... I had to control my nerves, because there's a chance I'll talk really, really fast, become scouser and sound like my fellow native, old Margi Clarke... so, with that, I decided I wasn't going to be nervous; and blow me it worked - I truly wasn't nervous.  I just chatted to Charlie like he was an old friend, when they cut back to me after the second bit to say "thank you", I took that as a cue to give advice and extend my five minutes "What I would say to pregnant women in my situation is to do this, this and this".... 

Media Star (very early in the morning)
They didn't seem to mind, and appeared to quite like me and said thanks, and that I was great (of course I was).  Charlie and Steph (my colleagues) tweeted me as much later that day.  The initial BBC producer said she would defo use me again if anything topical came about... I didn't really believe her, but was dead chuffed with my experience and left it at that.

Well, they only did bloody ring me; and if you think I was bad the first time, this time they wanted my DAUGHTER on too..... me and my girl on the telly... it was like a dream come true!  Bless, Liz was full of giddy excitement about the whole thing, and they made such a lovely fuss of her, the driver winked at me and said to her "Oh I can't wait to get home and tell my wife who I had in my car today".   Jim Davidson was on the same show, very surreal to be in the green room with him, having Lizzy mither me about getting on the next level of candy crush and my pal ringing me to finalize our picnic later that day.  Amazingly when I'm in the greenroom/make up around famous people I don't turn into a div', I save that for my friends/family/colleagues! 

So, since then, it seems they do like me, they called twice more, boo, the first time I was on holiday, they wouldn't skype me in from Bideford, and last week I was out of town in Milton Keynes, I can't help but wonder they must have budget for helicopters?  

Anyhow, I do love it, I'm destined to be a telly star.... Emma-Lou BBC Breakfast Parenting Anchor... it sounds lovely... perhaps you might want to start a campaign... tweet the BBC!  #GetEmmaLouBackOnTheSofa.... yes?

xx Emma-Lou 

PS Lesson learnt re colour/roots, even if one of my BFs is getting married I won't be saving it again, you never know when my public might come calling...

In typical mummy fashion, in the middle of my PA event and Telly slot, I had to whip up a costume for flippin' school, not a bad effort! 

Remember the camera adds 10lbs, in real life I'm skinny!
Debut Part 1 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Ho ho ho... Dear FC... I wish you were real!

So I've a girl of nearly 9, on the whole she's a lovely girl, very pleasant natured, a wonderful big sister to her troublesome younger brother (he's a horror!).  Without bias she really is no trouble.  

So for Christmas, she still believes in Father Christmas; it's real sweet, I think this is the last year we can string it out.  Last year we made a bit of an error and she was right on it... "Mummy it's funny how Father Christmas uses the same wrapping paper as us"... I pulled it round and came back "Well the elves must of taken advantage of the 3 for 2 at M&S too". 

So, the trouble this year is, we're a bit skint, and are 'trying' to do it with economy in mind!  So we asked our darling girl for details of her Christmas list, and a list is what we got: 

  • iPad 
  • Nintendo 3DS 
  • Tamagotchi 3DS Game 
  • Animal Crossing 3DS Game 
  • Light up pillow (no idea) 
  • Letter Writing Set 
  • Zoomer Zuppie Roxy (no idea) 
  • Spirograph 3D 
  • Umbella "the one I saw in H&M" (no idea)

In years before now we've managed the expectation, and have been able to mould her wants and desires if you like, but now at nearly nine, bless she considers what her friends are getting and has it all worked out.   I talked about this with a pal this week and she simply said "You know what, Christmas; when you're little is about getting what you want".... but what if you can't afford Apple?  Oh my what to do; I think I'll have to go up against my husband and splash out....  I'd hate for her to think that perhaps she hasn't been a good enough girl, and FC has got her cheapo tablet as a result. 

On the other side our lad, only wants a Postman Pat train; a bargain at £14.99 from B&M! At three your pleasures are simple (and inexpensive).  So there's a thought, we'll save £££ on Willow.... his turn will come when he wants an Xbox 360 and Raleigh bikes.... 

Seriously though, the pressure's on for parents... our girl isn't spoilt (despite her list) and doesn't ask for too much.  She won't be getting everything on this list, certainty not, we'll sub some of it out to Nanna and Grandad and co (HINT HINT HINT... Uncle Steven is possibly good for the iPad... come on you're her favourite).  

In every other way; the magic of Christmas is alive and kicking in our house.... (but likely we'll be on bread and water for the rest of the year).   

xx Emma-Lou 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Nativity 3, Save the Children, National Christmas Jumper Day

Well check me out, a serious blogger these days (not really... as if!), a review from moi!

So Lizzy, her mate and me donned our Christmas Jumpers and went to the FILM PREMIERE of 'Nativity 3', some might call it an advanced screening... pah me and the girls got off on saying "attending a film premiere darling".

We were lucky to score the tickets, mostly because we've been on count down for the release of Nativity 3 and as a family economising/saving for Christmas; a freebie day out was right up our street!  So the only stipulation was, we needed to wear our Christmas jumpers.  As if this is hardship, poor Mr C was rudely awoken by me mithering him to get up in the loft for the Christmas box...

So on with our Christmas jumpers, we looked simply beautiful, mine I realise is a bit silly, with the snowman's carrot nose potruding out! But I can carry it off....

Trying to look cool!

We arrived to face paints, elf hats, letters to Santa desk.  Willow wasn't with me so I wrote and posted a letter on his behalf:

"Dear Santa,

On behalf of my three year old son.  He is sincerely sorry he punched you in the beard once (it was a misunderstanding), he keeps his temper (mostly) in check these days.  Please can he have a postman pat train!

Thank you, Emma-Louise for Hell Boy" 

Take that FC!

My favourite activity of the morning was the Nativity 3 photo booth!  Loved it, I think it would only promote the film if they used it on the side of a bus (just an idea).  Mind you, I equally loved the freebie popcorn, Thomas Tucker, fruits of the forest flavour, never enjoyed popcorn so much. 

So the film.  Well I haven't actually seen Nativity 1 or 2, but on the back of this will defo look them out.  It was silly Christmas fun.  Mr Poppy was ace, the children were brilliant, Martin Clunes and Catherine Tate very good.  My favourite was Flash Dancer Extraordinnaire Brendan Finch, his styling was bang on, I'm not kidding this is a look I'd go for...   What I did enjoy most was the sing-along musical interludes... if 'Dude where's my Donkey' isn't in the running for Christmas Number 1, there's no justice (sod off X Factor winner!).

So, my Christmas Jumper has had an airing, without question, I'll be honouring National Christmas Jumper Day on 12th December, in fact, I might change it to, National Christmas Jumper Week...

I'm going to hound my friends, family and colleagues to do the same, and raise pennies for the Save the Children Campaign...  I'll state it here, for those who get involved, I'll reward you with Christmas baked goods (my cranberry white chocolate cookies are legendary).  x

xx Emma-Lou