Monday, 25 May 2015

Everybody should have one....

I'm a lucky girl, I get loads of birthday pressies from hub, I won't list them, that would be showing off, but I get an eclectic mix of bits and pieces, he's very thoughtful.  

I wanted to share my best present ever.... wait for this, I only got a Buddha Light, it's amazing...  check out this bad boy!

Ambience Incarnate! 
Only problem is, the kids keep lifting it, robbing bloody swines.  Mr C is a good soul, he's just gone online and ordered them one.  Reckon our Willow could do with some Buddha wisdom and calm!

On the box it links to a FB page: 50fiftygifts... I want the other 49 for Christmas...

It gives off a good glow at bedtime... honestly I love it!  As pressies go, it's up there as a favourite (well just behind a pair of sparkly gold, open-toe, KG heels). 

xx Emma-Lou 

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