Thursday, 3 March 2016

I love World Book Day....

Anything that that gets children enthusiastic about books and reading should be encouraged in Schools.  Dressing up for World Book Day is a brilliant initiative.  Some years are better than others... here's our attempt this year!  

Suffragette Girl 

As inspired by this heroine (good work Jacqueline Wilson) 

Willow a little more obvious... 

Uncanny a real likeness! 

I know, I'm a dressing up genius. 

xx Emma-Lou 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Call on me... I know first aid

Another feather to my bow it seems... qualified first aider at work! 

I can't say I was looking forward to the training, but it was a. a day out of the office and b. you got a lunch voucher and biscuits (win win). 

I have done first aid training before and I can remember hanging round feeling awkward doing chest compressions on a dummy and not getting a lot out of it.   In fact I wonder if during a real casualty would I have remembered CPR at all! 

Anyhow, yesterday was different, training in twenty years has come on heaps and bounds.  The University trainer, with a medical nursing background delivered the training in a really interesting way.  Instead of just detailing the practicalities of what to do... she came from a biology science angle, so we understood the function of why we're doing particular things. For example, when you're unconscious but still breathing, the real danger is your muscles relax and your tongue being a muscle can cause airway obstruction.... hence the need to lift the chin and clear airway. 

She was ace... and is going to give me a certificate... 

Three handsome blondes, all anti-bac'd and ready to smooch

We watched some videos of everyday first aid, not first aid in a work first aider capacity.  Situations that can come about in everyday life, and with a little knowledge all of us can assist in small ways to help somebody in medical distress. The British Red Cross, have an app, 'Everyday First Aid', take a look, here is one from yesterday, which struck a little nerve with me.  What do when someone is having a seizure: 

How lovely was the chap helping the young lad, and he didn't do a great deal.    He was simply calm, reassuring and knowledgeable about what to do... and thank goodness, I was terribly worried about that lad! 

I've taken half-hour out my life and watched all the videos: I'm a good person to know... I'm going to get myself a cape.... 

xx Emma-Lou 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Returned and not too busy at all (no moaning here)


It's me, it's been so long since I blog blogged I forgot what font I use. 

I won't go on about how busy I've been, because when I hear people moan on about being busy, I think "Bore off... nobody is busier than me... and I'm dead busy and I'm perfect and manage to squeeze it all in... if you really wanted to like, you'd make the time to do the things that you're moaning you're far too busy for" (long winded but I think I get my own point... a bit).

But I have been busy.  If I had my life over, I'd have my babies in June and July, January and February babies are just too inconvenient... also in my other life, I'd manage said babies expectations that a party every year is excessive.  In between all this, Mr. C, who rarely likes a fuss turned forty and I made him celebrate with a big party.  I know, how can I be old enough to have a husband so old.  

Anyhow, I'm back.... and happy and calm lately... so will have a think of some amazing blog posts....  watch this space.... 

xx Emma-Lou 

This is me looking calm, in actuality... two mins late, Willow heard a funny joke and laughed so hard... he wee'd on me... the calm lasted a record two minutes... true story ask BF Priya